E000020-0000 Error Fix Canon Printer

E000002-0000 Error Code Solve Cannon Printer error Fix
Easy and Fastes Way Solve this issue
just follow :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UU4o6wj0fWo

Canon printer E000002-0000

Canon IR All Printer Model Same Type Error is coming

This technica you can solve very easily

If you get any notification ” Check the Printer, Call Service Representative”,
You can easily clear the error within 2 minutes…
Step by step:

Press Function Key than *

Press 2&8(together) then Again Function Key *

Select ‘Mode List Classic’

Select ‘COPIER’

Select ‘Function’ (on the top row)

Select ‘CLEAR’

Select ‘ERR’

Select ‘OK’

Turn Off & After 30 Sec On Power


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