How to Open a Password Protected Excel File

How to Remove Excel File Password

There are a few ways to open a password protected Excel file. One is with known password and the other way is by modifying the file extension. A password protected file can be opened using a some software.

password make excel

Now we will show you how to the make excel file password protection. it’s very simple

excel password

Now open your excel file than click File Option than next click Protect Workbook next Encrypt with Password next whatever you want to make password make it and save, next opening time have to give that password .

 Excel file password remove, best way is download this software and select which file you want to remove password than select  dictionary attack that software we will give you full creak version. 


we will provide you full details explanation video, Just watch this video you can understand full details, its very easy process one time try you can do.

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