Can't access this share folder because your organization's security polices

Shared Folder may be a Folder which use virtualization software to access files on your local machine, Shared Folder allows you to share a File to a gaggle of individuals who have access to the share Folder, If you’re working during a corporate company then you already conscious of the way to access the share folder and the way to offer permission to the opposite users, In Most of the Organizations Share Folder is made by a Team member, in order that the opposite users form an equivalent team can access the files with their user credentials. But sometimes organizations set policy to stop to access any share folder due to the safety reasons. If you ignore this Policy and check out to attach share folder you’ll get the subsequent error. Also if you are trying to attach to any device, which needs the credentials of a guest rather than proper authentication you’ll get the subsequent error.

“You can’t access this shared folder because your organization’s security policies block unauthenticated guest access, these policies help protect your PC from unsafe or malicious devices on the network.

This article will Guide to repair can’t access this shared folder because your organization’s security policies using Group Policy editor.


What is the main problem this issue

This trouble primarily takes place in home windows 10 model 1709 or later model, because of deactivation of SMB2, and mistaken set up of SMB1, SMB is likewise called Server Message Block is a networking record proportion protocol that is covered in home windows 10 that offers the capacity to study and write documents and carry out different carrier requests to community gadgets. Usually in home windows SMB is used to connect with gadgets that don’t run home windows, consisting of a router with record sharing capabilities, NAS or Linux computers. After Fall Creators Update SMB1 is taken into consideration has non-trendy protocol that is insecure, and Microsoft determined to disable this selection with the aid of using default and make SMB2 as trendy, And SMB2 can be enabled with the aid of using default with the aid of using home windows 10.

    Guest User Following Step 

If you are using Guest access then SMB2 is disabled by default, before proceeding the following solution first check the SMB2 is enabled on your machine.

Open PowerShell in administrator mode and run the following command.

Get-SmbServerConfiguration | Select EnableSMB2Protocol

Set-SmbServerConfiguration –EnableSMB2Protocol $true

Solution 1: Using Group Policy Editor

Open Run command by pressing “windows + R” and type “gpedit.msc” hit enter and open the Group Policy Editor.

Now navigate to the following path.

“Computer configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > Lanman Workstation”

From your left hand side click on the “Lanman workstation” Now you can see the “Enable insecure guest logons policy” on your right hand side.

Double click on it to open the “Policy settings” Change the Policy setting to “Enable” and click on apply and OK.

Now restart the system once and try to access the shared folder.

policy setting

Solution 2: Security Policy Snap-in


 “Press Windows Key + R” and put secpol.msc in Run dialog box. Click OK to open “Local Security Policy” snap-in. “Security Setting than “Local Policy” after click “Security Option” in the Right panel “Microsoft network client: Digitally sign communications (always)” which might be set to “Enabled” Click Apply, followed by OK.


 Close Security Policy snap-in. The issue must be resolved now, as no restart required to make changes effective for this security setting.

Solution 3: Using Registry Editor

Open Run command by Pressing “windows + R” and type “regedit” and hit enter to open the registry editor.

follow this path:


Expand the Windows Registry Key and search for “LanmanWorkstation” registry key, If you are not able to find the registry key, then you need to create

Right Click on the Windows Registry Key and Choose “New > Key” Name the Key as “LanmanWorkstation” Now Click on the “LanmanWorkstation” Registry key and from your right-hand side right click and choose “New > DWORD 32″ bit Value and name it as “AllowInsecureGuestAuth” Double click on the “AllowInsecureGuestAuth” DWORD and set the vlaue to 1 and give OK.

Now restart the system once and check the share drive is accessible.